Saturday, September 5, 2009

11 Months

Adelyn is 11 months old today and in the words of my
5th graders...
Tear drop. Tear drop.
Sniff. Sniff.
Time goes by too quickly but brings lots of fun changes. Adelyn just started cruising last weekend and now she practically runs around our house pushing her Radio Flyer Wagon. I'll be surprised if she walks before her 1st birthday, we still have to master standing without holding on. But she's definitely moving in the right direction. She is more of a tease than ever and very playful. Chase and peek-a-boo are her favorite games. She's pretty good at hiding her face but uncovers it before you can even get "where's Adelyn?" out. Lately she's been throwing her toys out of the pack-n-play one by one. She likes to pretend that the red box you see in the picture is her purse. All girl I tell you.

How much longer until that stinkin' timer goes off?

Oh thank goodness.
"Hey Mom!"
I'm outta here!

Later that day I went to get Adelyn up from her nap and this lovely child greeted me...

And you think you have bad hair days.

Don't you just love the distressed look she's given her crib...
Matt was sure to remind me that we still have to use this
crib for our other children.

"Yes dear, I know."

We still had to make a trip to the grocery store that day so I tried to reign in the mess with a little water and brush. But once it dried it looked like this.

So we did what any fashionable girl would do...


But that only lasted for 0.01 seconds

So we gave up and went looking like this...
Inner beauty is what really matters. Right?