Sunday, November 28, 2010


Good news...we're still alive! Just a little behind on the whole blogging thing. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and hope that you did too! As you can tell from our shorts and sandals, we stayed in FL this year and enjoyed our Thanksgiving dinner outside.

Even Kinsley participated in the Thanksgiving feast with some yummy sweet potatoes.  

She may not be very good at showing it, but she loved 'em! Ate every last bite.
That probably wasn't too hard to guess. Just look at those cheeks!

Hip Hooray for sweet potatoes!!  
If you had been a bug on the windshield of our car on the way home you would have heard a conversation that went like this...

AGL: "I want to do some more thanks give!"

LAL: "Did you have fun celebrating Thanksgiving, Adelyn?"

AGL: "Yeah" 

LAL: "Maybe we could all say what we're thankful for. I'll go first. I'm thankful for cranberry salad and that Adelyn is doing such a good job learning how to use the potty! What are you thankful for, Adelyn?"


LAL: "Oh, that's so good Adelyn, God is the most important reason to be thankful. Is there anything else you're thankful for?"

Long Pause

AGL: "Jesus!!" 

to Matt...

LAL: "Man, I'm kind of shallow, huh!" 

MJL: "Yeah, she's really got her priorities straight."