Sunday, November 8, 2009

"Yes, Mrs. Lilly..."

It may be hard to believe, but this sweet, angelic face is actually the face of The School Bully. When we first started going to Mom's Day Out I explained that we only give Adelyn her pacifier at nap time.

A few days later the teacher explained to me that she had to start giving Adelyn her pacifier during the day because she would take the other children's toys and pacifiers and watch their faces to see their reactions.

This Thursday the teacher made a few suggestions about some new lunch items. It seems that Adelyn has been stealing another girl's lunch.

So while I never hope or expect to get a call that goes something like "Yes, Mrs. Lilly, could you please come pick Adelyn up from school. She's been in a fight and is sitting in the principal's office." I guess I won't be too surprised.

Now, if you see this face...
Take your lunch and RUN!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Hoppin' Good Time from Adelyn's Birthday Party!
Daddy, the Birthday Girl, & Mommy The Cake Table

(The inspiration for our theme)

Cupcakes, yum!

We even had pink forks, spoons, & knives.

Cake Time...
Adelyn did not like it when we sang Happy Birthday.
She thought even less of trying a chocolate cupcake with pink frosting...

Later when no one was watching she tried a few bites
and decided it wasn't too bad.

Everyone made a page to go in a scrapbook for Adelyn to document her 1st year!

(Adelyn's best bud!)

Goodie Bags