Thursday, May 28, 2009

Something to think about...

We definitely have our fair share of TV shows we like to watch...American Idol, The Bachelor, The Unit, Private Practice, the occasional Regis & Kelly. But when it comes to Adelyn I've been very careful not to let her watch TV. One because when it is on she zones in and can't do anything else. And two because there really isn't anything on TV for an 8 month old. Anyways, today as I was browsing my "What to Expect the First Year" book I came across some disturbing information...

"According to Nielsen Media Research, children two to twelve years of age watch an average of twenty-five hours of television a week. If your daughter's viewing falls into that average range, she will have spent 15,000 hours glued to the set by the time she graduates from high school-about 4,000 more hours than she will have spent in school. If her viewing isn't carefully screened, she will, research suggests, have witnessed 18,000 murderers, countless robberies, rapes, bombings, and beatings, and more casual sex than you could imagine. She will have also been the innocent target of 350,000 commercials."

So I really don't intend for this blog to be my personal soap box but seeing all those numbers really surprised me. Poor Adelyn is not going to be the cool kid on the playground when it comes to her TV trivia knowledge.

On a much lighter note - here is a picture of my crawling, climbing, cheerio eating, kitty chasing, sweet girl who is also very concerned with her dental hygiene.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Friday, May 15, 2009

Catching Up

Whew! It has been a busy month...between a trip to the beach, her 6 month check up, growing, & flying to Kentucky, Adelyn has had a full schedule.
Our really big news is that she started crawling last week! She's getting faster every day & has already mangaged to pull over laundry baskets, eat our shoes, & find electrical cords. I love these two pictures because they show how sweet & curious she is. There are days that I laugh and think, this kid is all girl. But lately I'm not so sure. I feel like I've joined the wrestling team! It doesn't matter if she's eating, sleeping, being changed, or playing, she is constantly moving. It makes me feel really bad for the mother's of boys because I hear that they use 50% more energy than girls do. I can't imagine!
A few weeks ago we went down to the beach with my mom, dad & Aunt Corrie. We had a great time & enjoyed being able to get away to relax. Adelyn could have cared less about the sand but she really studied the water. It was still too cold for her to get in though.

Last weekend we flew to Kentucky for Uncle Ryan's graduation. Adelyn did great on the flight & confirmed our decision to never drive again! A whisk, broken pair of sunglasses, and cheerios were our secret weapons for keeping her busy. We had lots of fun with everybody & would like for you to note that the girls are taking over this all boy family! ; ) We're looking forward to seeing everyone again next month at Uncle Ryan & Aunt Lauren's wedding.

We also celebrated Mother's Day while we were in Lexington. Matt was so sweet to surprise me with a beautiful ring! I love being a mom and have really enjoyed the past 7 months a lot more than I was expecting too. I feel so blessed and grateful that I am able to stay home with Adelyn & that God chose me to be her mommy. She is a such a sweet girl and joy to be around. It was a very special day!

Well, all that really is enough to wear a girl out! We've decided to rest up and take some extra naps before we do it all over again starting next weekend with another trip to the beach!