Thursday, November 17, 2011

15 weeks

Caiden is 15 weeks old and I cannot believe it! He is the sweetest, happiest, most content baby and every time he smiles at me my heart just melts. I actually started this post about a month ago. I've been wanting to document all the little things he does that I don't want to forget. But I just can't get it together. Then today I was reading someone else's blog and learned that today is World Prematurity Day. So in honor of my little (big) preemie I ditched the other stuff I had written and am just going to post a ridiculous number of pictures from the past 15 weeks. I do not have the words to express how thankful I am to the Lord for blessing me with this sweet boy and how he protected Caiden from any major complications associated with being born prematurely.

You may be noticing a theme...

Ok, now I'm awake!

 Just kidding! ;)
We spent more than one night this way. Caiden's "witching hours" were/are from 8-11 pm. (Aka - "mommy's free time")
6 weeks

This is Caiden's worried look. He's worried something has happened to the milk.
8 weeks

12 weeks

I think it's safe to say Caiden's going to be a thumb sucker. This is his favorite awake time activity.

15 weeks

He's definitely my child...this is his attempt to wake up from a nap.

Hoping to get a real post about Caideny Caiden up soon!