Friday, May 13, 2011

Oh, BOY!

So it's been about 4 weeks since we found out we're having a boy and I'm not gonna lie - I'm nervous! But the idea is definitely growing on me. I mean, how can you not be kind of excited about having a pair of these laying around.

I'm 24 weeks today and feeling pretty good. I still have some bad days and do not understand how it's possible for everything, even water it seems, to give a person heartburn but hey, at least I have Tums. Overall though I am enjoying this pregnancy. Strange, I know. This baby boy is much stronger and more active than I remember Adelyn being. I'm pretty sure he has ESP because every time I think about him or something related he starts kicking. Adelyn loves to feel him kick and will rest her hand on my belly and ask "is he kicking for me in dare?". We have a name picked out and a c-section date so even though I've still got 15 weeks to go, it's becoming very real. We've been working on several projects around the house and next up is Adelyn's big girl room. Once that's done I'll work on the nursery. Here's a sneak peak of what I have so far...

Adelyn is so excited about being a big sister. She notices babies, stroller's, car seats, and all things baby everywhere. She'll say things like "when da baby gets bigger..." or "I fink da baby would really wike dis!" She's moved on from naming the baby Susie to naming him Henry Wiwee (Lilly). Think of it as a double name, not that Lilly is the last name. This is not however the name we've chosen so now she's decided it could be his middle name. The other day she wanted to know where he's going to sleep so I explained that she would be getting a new big girl bed and that we'd turn her toddler bed back into a crib for the baby to sleep in. Her response: "Oh, dat is so nice of me to share my crib wif da baby!"

Oh, baby - you don't know what you've gotten yourself into!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother's Day

I had a very nice Mother's Day this year and feel so blessed to be the mommy to one sweet little girl, a baby boy on the way and the daughter of a wonderful mother!

(23 weeks)

Making the decision to have a child - it's momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.

~ Elizabeth Stone

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Easter Weekend

Once again, I've fallen behind on blogging, but hey, who doesn't. And since this has really become for my own personal benefit/digital scrapbook (I'm not the Creative Memories type) I didn't want to miss blogging about our Easter weekend.

Saturday morning we went to Presley's house for what we hope is becoming an annual Easter Egg Hunt. We had a great time!!

Dying Eggs

I really wanted to do something meaningful to celebrate Easter with Adelyn this year but it snuck up on me and I could never get anything together. We did dye eggs though and that was lots of fun.

Our kit came with a special crayon that you could use to write or draw on the eggs before dying them.

We even made Baby Brother his own egg.

Aren't they all so lovely!

Sunday Morning

Matt sang with the praise team and had an extremely early wake up call so it was just me and Adelyn that morning. I don't know why, but every year she wakes up with watery eyes and a runny nose on Easter. I managed to get a few cute pictures even though my lighting/camera work is not the best.

I love how she has her hands folded in this one. Such a girl!

We went to Gigi & Granddaddy's house for lunch, a nap and 2nd Easter Egg Hunt.

Once again I was able to get away with filling the eggs with goldfish, craisins, and this year I threw in fruit snacks and smarties. I meant to use teddy grahams as well but forgot them at home. Later I overheard Adelyn tell my mom "I really wike all da goodies inside da eggs". Matt says that next year I have to put chocolate in them.
We'll see...