Sunday, December 30, 2012

Fall Flashback

This past fall has been a really busy and exciting time for us. We are all studying Genesis through Bible Study Fellowship. If you're not familiar with this organization you should really check it out. I can not speak highly enough of how they encourage and challenge you to go deeper in your walk with the Lord. And their children's program is amazing!
Adelyn started a combination ballet, tap, and tumbling class. She loves it and I'm a little jealous!

Caiden thinks it's pretty great too.

In September Matt and his brothers took a hiking trip in Zion National Park. This was actually their second year to go and they had a great time! 

While Matt was vacationing, the kids and I went to the beach. It was Caiden's first time to play in the sand and see the ocean. He loved it!

Adelyn and I had a girl's night while we were at the beach. We watched a movie about a frog and ate popcorn and M&M's. She had so much fun and I have never seen her more excited to get in bed. I was fast asleep before my head hit the pillow and she was still talking a mile a minute.  

We also took a vaction to Anna Maria Island with some friends. We had a lot of fun but sadly did not take one picture. Not even with our phones. Adelyn was so sad when we left. She cried and said that it was her perfect place to live. This is actually becoming kind of routine so I won't be surprised when Adelyn does live at the beach one day.

Rainbow Sprinkles

Party Planning...
Me: "Adelyn, what do you think we should do for your 4th birthday party?"
Adelyn: "Let's get the Snakeland guy to come and we can all hold snakes!"
Me: "Hmmm, what if we have a rainbow sprinkles party and make necklaces with fruit loops?"

I think that all of Adelyn's friends and their mothers were on board. ;)

Caiden's 1st Birthday Party

Awhile back, like in August, we had a party to celebrate Caiden's 1st Birthday. 


Caiden really appreciated that his friends and family came to help him celebrate but his agenda was pretty clear...


Happy 1st Birthday Buddy Boy!

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! We had a great Christmas and hope that you did too!
I have got to get back into blogging and thought this would be an easy post to start with - funny things Adelyn said during the Christmas season...
Singing to the tune of Solid Rock, accompanied by a jingle bell:
"And the angel said peace on earth, good will to men. Except for King Herod."
Matt: "The parking here is ridiculous."
Adelyn: "Oh frankincense!"
Me: "Adelyn, do you want to go see Santa Claus?"
Adelyn: "Nah, I'll just write him a note."

More posts coming soon! Hopefully...