Friday, January 11, 2013

Savannah & Halloween

At the end of October Matt & I went to Savannah for a weekend to get away. It was our first trip away since Caiden was born. It was wonderful. We slept in every morning and didn't have to be back for naptime.

We took a historic carriage ride around the city, ate delicious meals and even stood in line at Mrs. Wilkes. It was so worth it!

Adelyn & I made a pumpkin pie for Halloween and we had fun trick or treating with friends.  
She wanted to be a bride this year. Claire and Cinderella were her great inspirations. She felt so beautiful!
The Bride and her best girlfriend Jessie (aka: Gracyn)
As for the Buddy Boy. His mother didn't buy him a costume. If she had planned ahead she could have dressed him up as a groom or prince. But she didn't and he didn't mind at all.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

We hope you had a great New Year! We did not do anything crazy or exciting. Unless you consider ringing in the New Year at 8:18 pm a little crazy. Adelyn thought the sparkling grape juice was "spicy but good".
I have several goals for 2013. The biggest one is to start going to bed earlier. And you thought I was going to say blog more. Ha! That's definitely one. 2012 was a pretty sad year for The Lilly Pad. But it's a new year and I'm off to a great start! ;)

The Bell Ringer

In October Adelyn and I got to have girl's weekend and go to my cousin Claire's wedding. We were so excited for her and John! Claire even asked Adelyn to be the bell ringer and Adelyn was more than happy to help out!  

The wedding was so beautiful and Adelyn had the most magical day of her life. Adelyn adored Claire and when we got home she wanted to write her a thank you note. "Thank you for letting me be your bell ringer, thank you for wearing your beautiful dress and dancing with me. Thank you for letting me wear a beautiful dress. Just thank you!"

I was so proud!
While we were away Matt & Caiden had a boy's weekend. They got along really well without us but within 10 minutes of being home we took this picture...
Welcome Home Mommy.