Thursday, January 27, 2011

Adamson Family Pictures

At Thanksgiving we had some family pictures taken. Rebecca was wonderful to work with and we loved everything she did! Here are a few of my favorites.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Overheard at my house

This conversation took place between Adelyn & Mr. Duck. Mr. Duck is played by Mommy.

A: Hi, Mr. Duck!

MD: Hi, Adelyn!

A: Do you swim in da ocean?

MD: No, I fly in the air and swim on a pond.

A: Oh, why?

MD: Because that's how God made me. 

A: God made me too! 

MD: Yes he did. He made you very special!

A: Tank you! (Insert pause for a moment of thought) Jesus is my best friend!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

That's a wrap!

In case you didn't guess, I haven't exactly rushed into the New Year. But now that it's January 20th I've got face the facts. The rest of the Christmas decorations must come down! And...I've got to say goodbye to 2010. I saw several people who reviewed their year or favorite blog posts. I'm taking a little different approach. This post is going to cover the things that I meant to blog about in 2010 and never did...

Adelyn's first trip to Disney
It truly was magical! She was a little overwhelmed at first with the loud music and train that Mickey arrived on, but once we got inside she was ready to go. We rode Dumbo, Peter Pan, Winnie the Pooh, the Carousel, and Nemo. We explored the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House and then there was the steam train. We rode it at least four times. My favorite experience with her was watching the Electrical Light Parade. She wanted me to explain every float to her and if I took a break she would say "splain dat to me, mommy." Matt's favorite experience was the fire works. She was a little nervous and completely in awe. She would clap after each one but then wanted to go home because they were loud. Thanks Miss Jenn for getting us in! It was such a special day!

Lucy, Annie, & Tom 
Somewhere along the way Adelyn started pretending her hand was a boat. Then she wanted her boat to have a name. Meet Lucy. Then she wanted mommy & daddy to have boats too. Meet Annie & Tom. After our trip to Disney we met Captain Hook. Thankfully we're pretty much past this phase. Except for Tom, who brings the croutons at dinner.

Potty Training  
This could certainly be more than one post. The short version is that I decided to give potty training a try at the end of Oct. The first couple days were ok, the third day a nightmare. On the 4th day Adelyn declared "no, I wear panties!" and demonstrated her ability to use the potty. Where are we today? A work in progress. She had been doing really well but we've regressed in the past couple weeks. Does this sound like your child? Please, tell me what you did!?!

Adelyn's First Big Girl Haircut
You know, an even one.

Fashion Faux Pas
This was just a silly picture I couldn't pass up. :)

Celebrity Cruise
Right before Thanksgiving Matt & I took a 3 day cruise. It was wonderful. We slept, we ate, and then we ate again. My idea of a vacation!

Alrighty, kids. That's it for us. Happy New Year!
We hope it's full of silly days!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas Festivities

We started off our Christmas celebration the weekend before in Kissimmee with my family.

There was a birthday cake for Jesus,

lots of presents,

and have you heard? We have two new family members. Darla and Rob adopted Louis in November and Corrie and Chris got engaged on December 14th!

We got to meet Chris's family that same weekend and even squeezed in wedding dress shopping.

On Monday night Matt, Adelyn, and I packed up and headed to KY. We stopped in Tifton, GA to spend the night and drove the rest of the way on Tuesday. Our trip up went great! There was no crying, wailing or gnashing of teeth. We didn't even have any potty accidents or traffic and Adelyn only watched about an hour of a DVD. It could not have gone better! Yay for us!

We got to have a white Christmas in Owensboro and it was so beautiful! Of course it was a first for Adelyn but also a first for me too. I'm such a FL girl.  

We also got to hang out with Caroline,

"Uncle Jackson" and lots of other family and friends.
Santa was really good to Adelyn this year. She got a dollhouse, Thomas toys (surprise, surprise) and lots of other goodies.

We actually managed to take a family picture on Christmas Eve

but these I staged 3 days ago before I started taking our Christmas tree down.

We had a really great trip and Christmas in KY. I'd be lying though if I said it was totally uneventful. I mean, this is Matt we're talking about. Are you familiar with night terrors? Try one at 3 am on Christmas morning. We broke every rule in the book and Matt was ready to take Adelyn to the ER before she calmed down.

And then there was the trip home. We decided that Matt would drive and Adelyn and I would fly. It was the trip home 2 years ago that nearly did all 3 of us in so this seemed like the best course of action. Little did we know that the beautiful snow would cause a 5+ hour delay for our flight leaving Owensboro. Adelyn and I arrived back in FL at 3:30 am and got in bed around 4:45 am. We were all pretty worn out to say the least.  

Last but not least, I had to include a picture of our Advent calender. Adelyn called it the "allender calender" but the "L's" came out as "w's". It was so cute! When we were visiting with Pop I asked her to tell him about it. She said "It's really fun! You open da door and eat chocowet." So much for the bible verse part.

Well, I think that's it for us and Christmas. I hope your's was very Merry!

Christmas Cookies

Adelyn was quite the busy baker of Christmas cookies this year. First we went down to Gran & Pop's to make Christmas Tree cookies. These were my favorite growing up and Adelyn really loved them too!

The red candies aren't part of the original recipe, but Adelyn was very precise in the placement of each one.

Once we got to KY Adelyn helped Grandpa make sugar cookies. This is a three part process and Adelyn was there for each step of the way.

Decorating is a family affair.
The most prestigious cookie to decorate is the angel. This year there were only 2 angels and Uncle Ryan and Adelyn were the chosen decorators. Please notice the precision with which Ryan is placing his sprinkles. And yes, those are tweezers.

Here's Adelyn decorating her angel. I'm not really sure why the photographer didn't capture her head, but whatever.

Aren't they pretty!