Thursday, July 28, 2011

Stay cool

I'm not sure what the statistics say but I can promise you that this has been the hottest summer of my life! Last week we had a very close A/C call and you can believe that I played the "I'm 8 months pregnant. When can you be here?" card. Don't worry though. We've gotten really good at staying cool. Between popsicles, the play area at the mall and frequenting the freezer section of our local grocery stores, we do everything we can not to break a sweat!

Monday, July 18, 2011

I think...

Adelyn: "I fink we should rent dis house and move to a beach condo."

Me (in a surprised and perplexed voice): "You think we should rent this house and move to a beach condo?"

Adelyn: "Yes!"

Me: "Why?"

Adelyn: "Because, I just wike beach condos better den dis house."

Another time...

Adelyn: "I fink the way you get to heaven is dat you fly dare on a plane wike Jeremy* and when you get dare God, Jesus, and Dakota** open up the door and walk in and say "hi, guys!"

*Jeremy is the plane from Thomas.

** Dakota is our cat that we put to sleep when Adelyn was 18 months old -- well over a year before she made this statement. 

We have no idea where she comes up with this stuff but I can assure you that both conversations were totally out of the blue and not prompted or manipulated in any way.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

A little visitor

We had a little visitor come play at our house this week. Don't tell her though - she's a big girl!

 We tried to get a picture of Adelyn & Kinsley together. If you've ever tried to take a picture of a child you can probably relate...

This was our best one. Don't you just love Adelyn's red eyes, runny nose, and creepy smile.  
Come see us again soon Kinsley!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Let's compare...

  33 weeks with Baby #2                                33 weeks with Adelyn

The pictures don't lie people, I'm gettin pretty big!! (I really don't even know why I'm willing to post these except that I'm officially a crazy pregnant woman and have pretty much lost it). For the most part I'm still feeling good but definitely out of breath and I really don't make it through the day without Tums and a nap. We had an ultrasound on Wednesday and everything looked good. She told me the baby weighs 5 something pounds. That's bigger than average in case you're wondering. We really did not get any good pictures because he is so smooshed up in there. The one below is a 4-D and if you look really closely you can see that he is sticking his tongue out to the side of his mouth. Both Matt & his dad do this when they're concentrating on something and the fact that my child is doing it in the womb is kind of scary. The Lilly genes are strong I can tell you that much.

I had a dream a couple of weeks ago that the baby was born early, huge, and not cute at all. I told the nurse "you're going to have to put him back in, it's too early." I really hope my dream does not come true. I don't think they can put them back in.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

8 years ago...

We said "I Do!"
And in 6 short weeks, we'll welcome Baby #2!
(I'm definitely not as skinny as I was back then. At least I have a good excuse :)