Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Terrific Two's

Adelyn officially hit the 2 1/2 mark a couple of months ago and oh my, this kid is a mess! She is just so full of life, personality, words, thoughts, opinions, energy, did I mention words?

There are days when I'm pretty sure she's trying to reach her 5,000+ words used for the day quota before lunch time and it wears me out! She is also the sweetest, smartest, funniest, most charming 2 year old in the whole world. (In my humble opinion as her mother of course.) Don't get me wrong, she is by no means perfect. The past couple of weeks she's been in rare form but we think the two's are far more terrific than terrible.

She is very much into the details and notices everything. She sees those decorative ball things that go on car antennas everywhere. One day she saw a red Mickey Mouse head and told me the reason it's red is because his overalls are red. It's been so neat to hear her start to use logic and reason or give explanations.
Adelyn is quite the tease and we love her sense of humor. She loves to watch Charlotte's Web and Templeton is her favorite character. He tells a couple of jokes - "eggcellent!" and "I guess the yolks on me."  and she laughs out loud every time. Her latest obession is Angelina the Ballerina and I have to tell you, it's quite a refreshing break from Thomas. He's still number 1 of course, but she dances around the house in a tutu for a large part of the day and Matt & I both have to pretend to be different characters from the story. She still loves Curious George and whenever she's pretending to be him Matt or I get to be "the Man with no yellow hat".

Anyone who really knows Adelyn will tell you that she's got quite the repertoire of facial expressions and almost always something to say along with it...

"I wish we had a doggie. We don't. I want a doggie instead of a baby."

Background info: the guys who mow our yard are Isaiah & Brandon.
Adelyn & I just finished studying the book of Isaiah through BSF.

"We've been to bible study 40 times to wearn about Isaiah. We need to go wearn about Brandon!"

While standing in a check out line next to a Muslim woman holding a baby Adelyn pointed and said:

"Wook! It's Mary & baby Jesus!" 

I immediately struck up a conversation with my check out lady....

A few other things about Adelyn right now - she still eats any and everything you put in front of her. To date the only food item she's spit out is olives and we don't blame her. Pickles are her favorite and she wouldn't dream of turning down an ice cream. She loves rhyming words - pumpkin, lumpkin, dumpkin and bacon, makin, lakin are her favorites and is also very interested in letters, the sounds they make, and words that start with them. She really is the sweetest thing. When one of us doesn't feel good, somethings wrong, or just can't find what we're looking for she'll say "it's ok mommy, you'll feel better someday." She'll strike up a conversation with just about anybody and loves the thought of an adventure.

One of the things I love the most about Adelyn is how tender her heart is for things about the Lord. She loves bible stories and told me one day "Jesus is going to make a new heaven and new earth." I'm constantly blown away by her and humbled that the Lord chose me to be her mommy!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

I won something!

Last week Holly Mathis hosted a giveaway on her blog for a print from Sugarfresh. I rarely even bother to leave comments for giveaways because I never win. But this time I did and I won!! Now I just have to decide what to get. Here are a few I'm thinking of...

I love this  one for the baby's room.

These would be cute too!

Adelyn would love having this in her playroom or bedroom.

And since I love sunshine, I could go for this one as well.

There are so many great choices, something tells me I'll be getting more than one!