Saturday, June 15, 2013

AdeG & KK

AdeG & KK: Partners in Crime
They love each other so much!
They can make each other laugh just by breathing...

When Adelyn gets her picture taken...

...Caiden thinks he needs to have his picture taken.

This is how everyone walks their dog...right?
AdeG & KK - I love you!
"AdeG" is a silly nickname for Adelyn that came about from a question like this -
"What would my name be if you spelled it a-d-e-g?"  
Whenever we do call her AdeG she laughs and says "my name's not AdeG!"
 "KK" is what Caiden says when you ask him to say his name. :)

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Chris and Corrie said...

Can't wait to see these little silly willie's this weekend!!!