Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dance Recital

At the beginning of June Adelyn had her very first dance recital. Her class did a tap number to Under the Sea and it was so cute! Adelyn did her best and we were so proud of her! I volunteered backstage and while I won't say it was fun, I am glad I did it.

Waiting patiently backstage with her best friend Gracyn. At one point Gracyn said to me, "Miss Abbie will you put some more lip gloss on me? Lets just make sure before I go on stage my lip gloss is refreshed." She's too much!

Backstage with Miss Nicole

The Fans: ;)




HellenCrescenti said...

Two new posts! Thank you for the great reading material during my 5:30am feeding (well not my feeding, Lyla's...). Love all the pics! Caiden and I have so much in common. I wish I was snacking right now, actually.

HellenCrescenti said...

And thanks for the lipgloss!;-) Freshly glossed lips is very important, you know;-) And thanks for volunteering to volunteer:-) I am so glad you did!!!