Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer Fun

Today may be the first official day of summer but we've already packed in a lot of summer fun! In May Matt built me my Mother's Day present...a swing set!

 Uncle Ryan and Aunt Lauren even came all the way from Connecticut to help and let me tell you - we couldn't have done it without them! (And by "we" I mean Matt. I cannot take any credit for this success).

The day they left to go home we had this visitor.

A 7' 4" alligator in our yard. A nice gentleman named Thunder came to help with his removal. We have a lot of thank you notes to write! ;)
We've also squeezed in swim lessons at Gracyn and Camryn Reese's house.
I was so proud of Adelyn! She was brave, didn't cry, and greatly improved from last year.

 I was really proud of Caiden too! This is him floating on the first day. I never did get it on video but two different times he took his hands out from behind his head to clap for himself and say "yay!" Sadly he started to sink both times. But it was really sweet.
Finally, at the end of May (can you believe this is still May!?) we went to the beach for a week. It was the most wonderful, relaxing trip!

This picture pretty much sums up what Adelyn and Caiden like to do at the beach:

Adelyn digs, plays in the water, and build sand castles.

Caiden snacks.

And in between teddy grahams he managed to demolish a few sand castles before...

enjoying some more refreshments.

He was also very generous and offered to share my gelato with me. He used 2 spoons of course.

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